Public Education Advocate

Amanda takes the people’s problems to heart. Public education is one of her passions and she has a decade of experience as an elected official serving on the Spotsylvania County School Board. With her proven results and work ethic, simply put, she gets the job done. Instead of being focused on “teaching to the test”, which leads to more negative results for our children, and less of the stimulation they need and desire, one of her focuses will be to reform standardized testing to reach realistic expectations of individual school divisions. She is a proud supporter of autism awareness and developing public education changes to help support and foster a healthier environment in our school system.

Stigma-Free Mental Health

Much of the world’s population suffers from some form of mental health. Anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, dementia — the list goes on and on. Amanda Blalock will fight for the rights of everyone in this state. Stigma-free mental health should be commonplace. This is an often-skirted subject that needs to be addressed, and Amanda will address it.

Redistricting Reformation

Whether you realize it or not, unfair redistricting is hurting you and your family, particularly if you have children. Government redistricting, also known as Gerrymandering, allows politicians to “reorganize” the counties as they see fit. Mrs. Blalock’s believes everyone is equal, and deserves equal opportunity for all aspects of living.

Unfunded Mandates

How many potholes do you see on a daily basis? More than likely, the state has passed some mandate regarding fixing them.. Except they “forget” one part: The budget. Improper financial handling has caused our state’s physical, and political, infrastructure to crack. Amanda Blalock intends to make sure proper funding is in place before signing off on projects and initiatives.

Military, 1st Responders, Law Enforcement, & Veterans

Amanda truly respects our service members. Being in the military, law enforcement, or first responder line of work is a tremendous sacrifice. Allowing active service members, veterans, AND their family members access to proper care & resources is absolutely vital to a thriving community. Amanda will fight for their rights for suitable care and support!

Balancing The Budget

Virginia, and the 88th district in particular, has had a horrible track record of maintaining quality financial guidelines, and strict, fiscal policies that can  be enacted on an immediate basis. Wasteful spending & unbalanced budgets are just a few of the issues plaguing our district. Amanda will ensure that proper funding for initiatives are in place and implement effective legislative processes to help combat this frivolous spending.

Big Corporations

For too long, big corporations and monopolies have had a stranglehold on our country. Amanda Blalock intends to put a stop to that. She is no-frills, and willing to make the tough decisions and say NO to corrupt politics and the status quo. To make changes in big government — start small, start local.


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