Amanda Blalock

A fighter for the people, I’ve been a public servant for many than 10 years. Whether I’ve been involved in the financial aspect, the educational aspect, or the reformation aspect, I know what it takes to get the job done, and bring that knowledge and expertise to the 88th District.


Choosing to elect Amanda Blalock for your 88th District delegate means you want a candidate and representative that will listen to you, respond and take action.


Too many politicians these days sit behind their desks, blindly approving legislation and policies that benefit big corporations and undermine the needs of our children and families. Don’t let this keep happening!


Political change starts small. Local representation is the first step to broader change across the country, and I am ready to go head-on with the big shots in the government.


I believe in the very foundations that our country was built on, and truly embrace every good-natured, kind-hearted value and moral that you can imagine. Regardless of your income, I will personally put everything on the line for you. We are all humans, and change starts now.

Amanda Blalock

  • Down To Earth
  • Fighter For The People
  • Change Starts Locally
  • Mental Health Issues Are OKAY!
  • Education IS The Future
  • Redistricting Affects YOU!


Don’t let the big wigs in charge of our government today, and more specifically, the 88th District, take control of your life. Elect a delegate who will work down to the bone to make EVERYONE’s lives better, equal, and overall more positive.

Amanda Blalock for 88th District Delegate of Virginia!