Amanda Blalock

Fighting for the People

If elected to the House of Delegates, Mrs. Blalock will come in with clear and defined goals that will work to make the 88th District a better place for all of her constituents. She’s tired of watching politicians approve whatever legislation they think will get them re-elected with little regard for what it means for the people it will affect.


You’ll notice that each of the bars to the right show 100% for all of these issues. That’s because Mrs. Blalock wholeheartedly believes in each of these platforms and plans to fight tooth and nail to make sure that everyone in the 88th District is treated equally and with respect.


By balancing the budget, allocating funds for important mandates, and making sure our schools have what they need to succeed, she will streamline your local government and make sure that it’s working for you and not the other way around.


In addition she plans to tackle redistricting, create educational programs to support stigma-free mental health awareness, and focus on our military families and veterans to ensure that everyone in the 88th District gets fair and equal treatment. Mrs. Blalock was brought up to believe that everyone is important and should be treated equally, and she believes that our government needs to work towards that ideal.


Amanda is a proud proponent of raising awareness for autism and its effects on the families involved, both mentally and financially. There is a large hole in our public education system regarding mental health, and in particular, supporting autistic children as they develop through our school system.


Change isn’t rocket science – it starts locally and moves up from there.


Vote Blalock for a Delegate who will fight FOR you and WITH you.

Educational Reform0%
Mental Health Education0%
Redistricting Reformation0%
Unfunded Mandates0%
Law Enforcement & First Responders0%
Balanced Gov't Budget0%
Big Corp. Takedown0%
Amanda’s┬áStrong Determination

Amanda is a strong-willed, determined individual who is willing to roll up her sleeves and do whatever it takes to succeed in the 88th District of Virginia. For too long, our country has been stagnant, and our current state delegates sit back and let anything fly.

Not Mrs. Blalock.

When she has her mind set on a task or a goal, she will break through walls for her constituents.

If you want a delegate that represents what you have lived your whole life for, Blalock is the ONLY choice.

Big change starts local.

Amanda’s Profesional Leadership

Amanda has been recognized with countless awards & recognitions, showcasing her vast range of abilities, talents, & experience. These all translate into the power and knowledge she has to work FOR you. Just a small portion of some of her current and former committees include:

  • School Food Task Force
  • Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Spotsylvania Education Foundation
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Commonwealth Governor’s School Governing Board
  • County Citizen Budget Review Comittee
Amanda’s Down-To-Earth Mentality

Growing up in a southern family, Amanda was raised on a foundation of “common-sense” morals and values. She believes everyone on this planet is equal, and everyone deserves equal treatment.

She understands the issues that are troubling the lower and middle class communities, and has the power to begin the change we want to see.

Big change starts small!

We have been raised on recognizing politicians as big talkers, not people who take action, but Amanda and her passion for the people are here to change that mindset. Start local, and vote Blalock!


Spotsylvania School Board Years

Mrs. Blalock’s time on the Spotsylvania School Board has given her the expertise, knowledge, and experience that she will need to make important changes in local education reform.


Students Guided Yearly

Amanda has worked with thousands of students, from all age ranges, to all backgrounds. She understands what the students needs to exceed in today’s tough world, and she knows that the future is in the hands of our children.


Challenges Not Overcome

Despite significant challenges throughout her political and personal life, Mrs. Blalock has always come out strong and has found solutions to every issue that has come her way.